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Penguin Encounter

What to Expect
Get to know more about Ski Dubai’s local colony of King and Gentoo Penguins on this incredible adventure full of fun, learning, and unforgettable experiences with your new feathered friend.
This package includes:
• Interactive educational session on penguins
• Underwater viewing of penguins
• Meet and greet with penguins
• Free standard locker rental
• And snow much more!
What time should you arrive? 
Please make sure to arrive 40 minutes before the time you have chosen for the Penguin Encounter. 

Please note that the penguin encounter is a group experience rather than a private one. You will be accompanied by up to 12 other individuals during the Penguin Encounter, making it an engaging and shared adventure for all. 
Important Booking Information
  • All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT
  • Please ensure you arrive 40 minutes before the time you've chosen for Penguin Encounter experience 
  • Time slots cannot be rescheduled if guests arrive late
  • Mobile and Cameras are not allowed inside the Penguin Encounter Area
  • This package does not include access to the Snow Park 

  • Minimum Age & Adult Supervision
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