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There's snow better place to push your limits!

So much more than just a ski slope!

There are more ways to work up a sweat in the snow than you ever thought possible. Ski Dubai is home to fitness buffs of all kinds - from Olympic athletes prepping for their next competition, to folks busting a move in snow Zumba.

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Age 14+
Morning Hike
  • Free Locker.
  • 2 Hours of Slope Access
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The wonders of winter wonders

Did you know that exercising in the cold is good for you? From giving you an invigorating energy boost to improving heart health, read on to discover how you can benefit from an icy workout - then come and give it a go!

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Improve endurance and go the extra mile


Train your mindset and overcome challenges


Enhance your workout as your body works harder in the snow


Strengthen your immune system


Boost your heart health


Combat fatigue and keep those activity levels high

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Join our community

Come join our community of folks who love to workout in the cold! Our expert instructors will help you hit your fitness goals and have fun, too. Why hit the gym when you can work up a sweat in the snow?