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school trip to ski dubai

The Packages

Ski Dubai offers five fantastic packages tailored to suit varying preferences and budgets. Each package includes access to the Snow Park, where students can enjoy unlimited playtime in the pristine snow. The packages also offer a complimentary photograph as a cherished memento of their experience.


Snow Classic: The Snow Classic package includes unlimited snow fun activities and rides, such as the on-time use of the Chair Lift and access to the giant Zorb ball.

Daycation Offer: For the adventure-seekers, this package offers access to our activities and rides, along with either a 2-hour slope session, 2 rides on the Snow Bullet, or a 60-minute Ski Discovery Lesson.

Slope Access: Ideal for those keen on honing their skiing skills, this package includes either 2 or 3 hour access to our slopes, perfect for beginners or intermediate skiers.

Team Building + Snow Park Access: Have students work together with one of our 3 team building activities, followed by a fun day of activities at our Snow Park.

Professor Penguin Package: Plan an educational trip for your students and introduce them to the wonderful world of Gentoo and King Penguins. Complete with an interactive encounter with the penguins and access to our Snow Park.

After School Ski Lessons: Plan a fun after school activities for your students with either a 60-minute or 90-minute Ski Lesson.

Why Choose Ski Dubai for Your School Trip

Ski Dubai offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines fun, adventure, and education. It provides an exciting platform for students to experience snow sports and learn about the science behind snowmaking and the logistics of maintaining a snow resort in a desert environment. Moreover, Ski Dubai is a safe and controlled environment with well-trained staff to ensure students' safety throughout the trip.

Places for School Trips in Dubai - Ski Dubai Tops the List

Dubai offers an array of attractions for school trips, but Ski Dubai stands out as a unique destination. Not only does it offer a completely different experience from the city's usual hot climate, but it also caters to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. Students can engage in thrilling snow activities, practice skiing or snowboarding, and even learn about snow conservation and sustainability.

Contact Ski Dubai Today!

Ready to plan an unforgettable school trip to Ski Dubai? Don't hesitate to take the first step! Contact a school representative from the Ski Dubai team today to explore the packages, discuss your requirements, and ensure a seamless and memorable trip for your students.


In conclusion, Ski Dubai is the ultimate destination for school trips in Dubai, providing an unparalleled blend of fun, education, and adventure. With the various packages available, students will have a blast experiencing the magic of winter in the heart of the desert. So, why wait? Plan your school trip to Ski Dubai and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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