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VIP Family Package

What to expect

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our snow-covered wonderland in a private VIP suite designed exclusively for your family.

 Revel in the snowy landscape with access to our snow park and unlimited rides, enjoying a complimentary meal, including our signature hot chocolate, at The Ski Lodge Restaurant. Experience the serenity and culinary delights in one immersive VIP escape at the heart of Snow Oman.


 What’s included:

  • VIP suite
  • Unlimited Snow park access
  • Unlimited Snow construction
  • Unlimited Snow park rides
  • Unlimited Ice skating
  • Rental gear
  • Locker
  • Private washroom
  • Smart TV with access to your favourite apps
  • Includes a meal with our signature hot chocolate at the Ski Lodge Restaurant
  • Concierge staff member will be available 
  • What we provide
  • Are there any age/height restrictions?