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Snow Park Annual Pass

Get seriously cool unlimited snow time and awesome discounts with our annual pass.

What to expect
Enjoy 365 magical, snow-filled days all year ‘round with our Annual Pass. Get unlimited access to all our rides and attractions plus exclusive discounts on retail and dining for just AED 795.

What is included?

1. Entry to Snow Park within 365-day period

2. Unlimited access to all Park rides:

  • Polar Express Train
  • Crystal Carousel
  • Snow Hare’s Bunny Hill
  • Ice and Floe’s Bumper Tubes
  • Drift’s Downhill Run
  • Ice and Floe’s Toboggan Race
  • Graupel’s Summit Escape
  • Troll Bowl
  • Flight of the Snowy Owl 

3. 20% off Dining 

4. 15% off Retail

5. 10% off Hot Chocolate

6. Fleece Gloves (One-time only)

7. Locker

Important Booking Information
  • All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT
  • Children under the age of 2 are not permitted to enter Snow Abu Dhabi
Snow Park Ride Restrictions
  • Drift’s Downhill Run and Snow Hare’s Bunny Hill have a minimum height restriction of 0.9m and maximum height restriction of 1.2m.
  • The Crystal Carousel and Polar Express have a minimum height restriction of 1.05m. Riders below 1.05m must be accompanied by an adult.
  • The Tree Slide has a minimum height restriction of 1.1m.
  • Ice & Floe’s Bumper Tubes has a minimum height restriction of 1.2m.
  • The Flight of the Snowy Owl has a height restriction of 1.2-2.0m and weight restriction of 30-120kg.
  •  The Troll Bowl has a minimum height restriction of 1.25m.
  •  Graupel’s Summit Escape and Ice & Floe’s Toboggan Race have a height restriction of 1.25-2.0m and weight restriction of 40-100kg. 
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  • Are there any age/height restrictions?