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Snow Park & Penguin Pass

What to expect

Take a break from the heat outside and play in the snow at -4 degrees! Enjoy all the amazing rides that the Snow Park has to offer with your friends and family. Also get to know our iconic Gentoo and King Penguins for OMR 12.5!


What is included?

  • 40 mins Penguin Encounter 
  • Unlimited Snow Park access for 1 day
  • Gloves
  • F&B Candy
  • One-Time Snow Construction


Upgrade to meet the penguins: For OMR 7.5 per person only, you can upgrade each pass to meet the Penguins.

Important Booking Information
  • All prices are inclusive of 5% VAT
  • Children under the age of 2 are not allowed to enter inside Snow Oman
  • Cameras or phones are not allowed inside the Penguin Encounter Area
  • Please check the Terms and Conditions below of the Free Child Pass before your visit. 


  • What we provide
  • Are there any age/height restrictions?