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Discover more about penguins from our animal care specialists

Did you know?
A penguin's iconic black and white colouring is a form of camouflage, helping to keep them safe from predators while swimming.
Gentoos are the fastest penguin swimmers, reaching speeds of around 35km per hour - that's almost 10 metres per second!
King penguin parents take turns looking after their chicks and don't build nests. The babies stay warm on top of their parents' feet.

Meet our penguins

We have 6 King penguins and 6 Gentoo penguins at Snow Oman. They come from a colony that was established in Ski Dubai in January 2012. The first colony hatched from eggs that were laid in San Antonio, USA, and have since had chicks of their own! All our Snow Oman penguins are provided with the best care in a custom-built home.

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